Police Memorials
This Memorial is located at Police H.Q.,Kuala Lumpur. It comprises the main monument surrounded by a Wall of Honour recording the names of those killed in the line of duty*. Simon Hutchinson of the Royal Malaysia Police Former Officers Assn.reports in the August'06 Newsletter that the Association's efforts since 2001 for the CommonwealthWar Graves Commission to accept responsibility for the upkeep of the 157 graves of European Police Officers who died during the Emergency has finally been succesful. For full details of the graves go HERE.

              Main Memorial & Wall of Honour

* European Police Sgts.& Police Lts. numbered less than 2% of the total Police strength but comprise 5% of the Police killed in action during the Emergency. None of their names are shown on the Wall of Honour. In 2003 two plaques recording their names were installed in the Police Museum, Jalan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur. oo0oo
In May,2003 a Memorial to the 1400 plus Police Officers of the Royal Malayan , Royal Malaysian, Singapore and Borneo Police Service who were killed in action during WW2, 1st.& 2nd.Emergencies and the 'Confrontation' was unveiled in the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas near Lichfield, Staffordshire, U.K.* Originally proposed by Colin Woolhouse, ex P/Lt., it was paid for by members of the Royal Malaysia Police Former Officers Assn.,UK. The Memorial plaque bears the badge of the Royal Malaysian Police and is inscribed: " Dedicated to all ranks of the former Malayan, Singapore and Bornean Police Forces subsequently united in the Royal Malaysian Police Especially remembering those who gave their lives in the Second World War and later campaigns 1948 - 1989"

Gus Fletcher,Dpty Chairman - Simon Hutchinson,Chairman - Paddy Giles,Hon.Sec.

Colin Woolhouse laying wreath

*  Established in 1997 from an idea by the current Director, Commander David Childs and the late Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, the Memorial Arboretum covers 150 acres planted with 40,000 trees and adjoins the River Tame. Divided into 55 areas covering all the campaigns of the 20th.Century it is available for Memorials to be erected by armed services,civil defence and welfare veterans associations.